Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sleepy Time

Nolan has been sleeping through the night practically at birth. He goes down anywhere between 7-9pm and wakes between 2-6am. Only once will he usually wake for a feeding. Most of the time he wakes around 4 and later. It is so wonderful that he sleeps and allows his momma to also sleep. Sleep is a glorious thing especially that I am getting older! He also naps during the day and I wish I could say the same. I would love some naps but I don't always get those in. It is however nice that if I do fall asleep I don't have to stress about another munchkin destroying something at the house during the weekdays. I kind of like this big ol' gap between Ashlyn and Nolan. Now some pics of sweet Nolan napping! 
Here I am awake and cute!!!!

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