Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bowling with Teagan

On Monday, we took Teagan bowling for the first time. He had so much fun. After we were done he wanted to bowl again but we had to go. We went and got Rayle from my Grandma's and he said that after we got Rayle we could go back. Of course we needed to get home so we will have to go again. It was a great time.

Teagan posing (I have no idea)
Daddy helping Teagan bowl
Teagan had two balls never make it to the pins so we got the stand to help
Teagan got 80 points. Great job for a first time bowler.

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Alex and Melissa said...

I love the pose!!
I was thinking about taking Emma and some friends bowling for her birthday...maybe that would be a great idea since Teagan loved it.
Your camping trip looked like a lot of fun, we were supposed to go camping this summer but it hasn't happened yet. We may go for Labor Day weekend.
Tell everyone hi from us.