Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Helping in the Kitchen

So I love to be in the kitchen (most of the time) and I really feel that my boys should know a thing or two about cooking. I want them to be great husbands and make up special dinners for their wives someday. Any way Teagan, I think is a little OCD, he hates to be dirty. So what better way to get over his issue than to make some Indian Fried Bread. We went camping a few weeks back and he remembered that I told him it was okay to be dirty. So when we were working with the dough he brought that up. It is funny that a little boy is concerned with getting dirty. Rayle I don't think even notices. He could stay dirty forever and not care. He probably is going to be one of those "stinky" boys that the teacher will have to write home about. Anyways the boys did a wonderful job. And a huge plus Teagan ate the entire Fried Bread. If you know Teagan, he is a lot like me and very picky! This meal is my all time favorite so I am glad he liked it. Before when I have made it he has only eaten the outside around the beans and cheese. He asked, "Mommy have we had this before?" I said, "yes and you liked it." (not really but if I tell him that good luck trying to get him to try it.) "When did I have it?" Teagan asked. "Oh we had it a few months ago." "Oh when I was 3 Mommy?" Yep when you were three. He is so funny about age now. He can't wait to start school. He tells me all the time when I am 5 that's when I get to go to school. Yes I only have one more year. I don't know how I will ever be able to handle that. So dinner was a success and the boys did great. Teagan helped and Rayle made a mess. But hey I make a mess every time I make the meal too. Note to self: when little boys are helping, put away each ingredient after each use or extras will be added, also only have one ingredient on the table because it will get crazy. Also leftover Fried Bread make great mini pizzas. I used them instead of pita bread for a pesto pizza recipe from a Pampered Chef recipe tonight. So good!!!!!!


sassy red said...

Yeah, I found your blog. I was hopping around:) Your boys are so cute helping you! And you're a lot more patient than me letting them use flour:) What a good Mom!

Diana said...

What a great activity, sounds like they had lots of fun!

Alex and Melissa said...

I bet the boys had a great time cooking with mommy. I can't get over how much Rayle looks like Brian. Hope all is well in AZ.