Sunday, January 4, 2009

Give him 2 more years and he'll go PRO...

On Thursday night we made our way up north to Greer for some snowboarding fun at Sunrise. A few years ago while at Snowbowl I had seen a little girl seriously about two years old on a board and her dad pulling her along. Since then I have begged to take Teagan snowboarding but Brian wanted to wait until he got older. Well four was the magic age and we took him up the mountain. His board and boots are so little, he was one of the youngest there on a snowboard. When we had gone sledding Teagan had shown NO FEAR, so we hoped he would do well snowboarding.


He listened to our directions and was able to sit down when he got going to fast. Also he was able to get up off the snow from a sitting position and that is one of the HARDEST things to do when snowboarding. He did better than most on the bunny hills including the adults. We are so proud of him and plan on going to Snowbowl later this week with Uncle Chad, Aunt Jen, and Aunt Candy. We know he will continue to improve and get better. One day he may even get better than his teachers, old mom and dad!

Getting ready to go and trying on his board. Making sure he could move the board around.
So cute! He did not carry it too long it was hard for him to walk.
He went up the lift a few times but this is how Teagan got up the hill. Both of us are sore from carrying him.
Teagan and Brian on the ski lift. He wanted to go fast and do jumps!
Daddy working with our soon to be PRO!
Time for a BREAK!
Looken Good going fast down the mountain.

Yep he fell asleep out on the bottom of the hill on the snow. He boarded ALL day and did so well. He never complained or cried and we know he did so well and will

do even better the next time.


Theresa C said...

That is awesome! Way to go, Teagan :)

Heidi said...

He did so well! That is awesome. I want to take Emmi snowboarding or skiing one of these days!

Amber said...

That is awesome!!! Josh would die he wants to take Tucker so bad. Josh was an instructer at sunrise for the little kids when he was in high school. So he wants to get Tucker out there so bad. Keep it up Teegan, its a good lady catcher! Ha ha