Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What does that mean???

Rayle is so FUNNY! He has such a vocabulary to go with his none stop comedy. So here are some things he has said lately. Can you guess what they mean?

1. Aubelyond
2. Lightnwim
3. Danco
4. Happy Milk

Rayle is a wonderful little boy and he and I really do get along, but boy can he push my buttons. He is so full of energy and I do not know what will happen when Teagan starts Kinder next year. I guess he and I will have to overcome our differences and become best buds.


Alex and Melissa said...

From your posts it looks like you had a great holiday.
As far as you and Rayle becoming buds when Teagan goes to school, I think it will happen.
Jacob just seems to know he has me all to himself when Emma is at school and is so much better when he is not fighting for the attention.
Tell the family hi from us and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Jenny and Tony said...

To infinity and beyond?
Thank you
Chocolate milk?

Am I even close??

He is so cute! How could you not be best buddies with that sweet little face?