Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

So last night was our Ward Christmas Party. Never remember having it on a week day but oh well. We had some dinner and a few performances. Then of course Santa happened to be in the area;) Rayle calls him Christmas, and rushed to see him at a distance. They had Santa set up in the Relief Society Room with a cute back drop. That was a good idea since the children tend to crowd and lines take up space. Rayle was not so sure about Santa, so I had Teagan go and see him first. Teagan did well and I got a picture. Rayle did not want to go, but since he was not screaming yet I put him on Santa's lap. Rayle had a look of like, How could you mom??? So I snapped the pic and then wanted one of Teagan and Rayle. Rayle was getting better and feeling more comfortable. When we were leaving Rayle wanted to say bye to Santa, so we walked over and he stood at the door and said, "Bye Santa." It was very cute.

Okay Elvis! What is with the face????

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