Friday, December 19, 2008

The Weather Outside Is Frightful....and the fire is so delightful!

The weather is not really frightful, but WONDERFUL!!! We are up in Kohl's Ranch to spend our Christmas with My Mom, Stepdad, and family. We came up a day early to spend some time in the woods. We hoped for snow, and there is a little. We got the boys some new snow gear (off eBay). We wrapped them up and let them open it. Here are some pictures from JUST today. I have taken around 65 so far! I love it!!
Okay so Brian got Teagan ready for bed...just a little small;-)

The boots are all lined up ready for Santa to bring us our coal. A side note the black boots re not mine, mine are still out in the car! Just wanted to make that clear, I am no Napoleon Dynamite!!

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Theresa C said...

Come on, Corie! Moon boots are VERY cool :)

Merry Christmas!!