Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Fun

On Saturday we went to the Tempe Town Lake and watched the Boat Light Parade with Grandma Shelley, Grandpa Jon, and Aunt Candy . It was so COLD. The wind was blowing so that is why it was cold. Thankfully we had warm jackets. Can't say that for my sister Candy. After the boats came by there were fireworks so that was a bonus. There were a few that were red in the shape of a Heart. They were so cool. I wonder how they make them into shapes like that. After we went back to my sisters and had hot chocolate. The only person to spill was not my kids, but my sister!!! She had just cleaned her carpets the day before too. We had a great time, and can't wait to go next year. I hope however it is not as cold!

On Sunday we had to unfortunately put Hanna down. She has been having seizures and and we had taken her to the Vet in Nov. They wanted us to have some tests done, but we do not have the extra money. On Saturday alone she had 3 seizures that we know of since we were gone for most of the day. So we felt it best to put her down so she would not be miserable anymore. Tank misses her and trys to come in and look for her whenever the door is open. We will be a one dog family for a awhile. We miss you Hanna.


Lisa Fitz said...

Don't even try to complain about the cold. In Chicago, it is 5 degrees. Monday it took me an hour to get the ice off my car. Have a great Christmas! Lisa PS Sorry to hear about Hanna.

Alex and Melissa said...

So sorry to hear about Hannah, I am sure she is not suffering anymore in doggy heaven.
The boat lights looks like alot of fun, we have never been.
Talk about cold, we have been snowed in out house for the past couple days. I am going nuts!! I hope we can get out because the kids and I are supposed to leave for AZ tomorrow.
Anyways, I love the picture of the boys turned away watching the boats. SO cute.