Friday, February 6, 2009

First Born Questionnaire

I saw this on Allie Browns blog and thought it was fun so I wanted to do it too. I tag everyone with kids too.

1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED? Yes we had been trying for a few months and then (I actually remember the day) September 6th 2003 we found out!

2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? Yes we had been married for a year and 4 months.

3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? I was so excited, I wanted children right after we got married but Brian wanted to wait awhile.

4. HOW OLD WERE YOU? 22 when I got pregnant and 23 after the baby was born.

5. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? Well the obvious was that Aunt Flo was late so I went and got a test. I wanted to do something fun and share it with Brian in some crazy way but he walked in and looked at it. He came and told me and I am like I know I wanted to think of something cute to say but I can't! Prego brain had already set in.

6. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? Brian was the first to know and then we called some friends down the street and then my sister. However when we told my dad he was so excited, smiling from ear to ear. He was going to be a grandpa!

7. DID YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE SEX? No I did not want to know, since everything else is not surprising anymore. I loved not knowing. It was so much fun. I wanted a boy and felt like that is what I was having, but others convinced me I was having a girl.

8. DUE DATE? May 7, 2004.

9. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? I had a little but not much, I remember being so tired. I would be at work and lay my head down during class and the kids were so great and they would just do their assignments.

10. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? I loved McDonald's french fries, Taco Bell Nachos, and Thrifty's ice cream. I pigged out!!

11. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? EVERYTHING! I was SO moody. My hormones were on the top of my sleeve and I snapped pretty quick. I am still bad, but feel that I have gotten better. Smells that bothered me were coffee beans and anything fishy.

13. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX OF WHAT YOU WERE GETTING? Nope I totally wanted a boy first and I was SO EXCITED when I saw it was a boy. I was so happy!!

14. HOW MANY POUNDS DID YOU GAIN? More than I should have...40 pounds. I know baby #3 will top that and more though.

15. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? Yes it was HUGE! So many people came, like 50. It was guys and girls and so much fun. We had it outside in the park behind our house. My mom, sister, cousin, and Aunt helped through it.

16. WAS IT A SURPRISE OR DID YOU KNOW? I did not know for 9 long months!!

17. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? Yes at 30 weeks while at church I went into preterm labor. I was just going to go home a lay down but a friend said nope your in labor go to the Hospital, good thing because I was 3 cm and like 50%. The tributalen (sp) did not work so I had the Magnesium Sulfate (HORRIBLE STUFF). I was on that for a day, it made me so sick. I think I went home on Wednesday. So I was in the hospital for over 3 days. Thankfully they stopped the labor and I was on icky bed rest for awhile. Hated that.

18. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? I gave birth in the same hospital where I was born Banner Desert.

19. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? Okay I was DUMB and took Castor Oil (NEVER TAKE IT!) So at 10 am I downed the awful stuff and by 3:30 was in labor. I gave birth at 11:23 p.m. So almost 8 hours. Pretty short for a first. Also regarding the Castor Oil it only will work if you are ready to give birth in the next few days anyway, so if I had waited I still would have gone into labor myself. Also it got into his lungs and he was not breathing...scary but I was on such a high from just giving birth I did not notice.

20. WHO DROVE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL? My hubby, and yes we were low on gas. Before we got in the car I said oh yeah we have time to stop for gas. On the way there I said no way get there fast!!!

21. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? Dr. Leu, a few nurses, Brian, my mom, and my sister Candy. It was nice to have support there.

22. WAS IT NATURAL OR C-SECTION? It was natural with 1 1/2 hours of pushing. They told me I need to deliver or I would need a C-Section because he was having problems on the monitor. I made it though before the 2 hour mark when they would give me the C.

23. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? I did not want to at all. However the Castor Oil really took a toil on me and I gave up at 8 cm, so close. I could not feel a thing so that is why I pushed so long. #2 I pushed 8 minutes!

24. HOW MUCH DID YOUR CHILD WEIGH? 6lbs 6oz so small and tiny.

25. WHEN WAS YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY BORN? May 5, 2004 Cinco de Mayo!! He came two days early.

26. WHAT DID YOU NAME YOUR CHILD? We decided on Teagan Clifford Gibson. Teagan we heard and just loved it. Boy or girl is was going to be Teagan. Clifford was after my dad. We had decided not to do any family names, but after my dad passed away I felt that I need too. We did not want family to get upset and question why is my name not included. Thankfully because of the situation no one had a problem. He looks like my dad too.

27. HOW DID THE FATHER REACT TO THE NEW BABY? Brian was SO excited. He was so happy and did great for the whole delivery.

28. DID YOU EXPERIENCE ANY POST-PARTUM DEPRESSION OR BABY BLUES? I had no problems at all and the same went for #2. Now #3 I think I may but Rayle will be the cause of it not the baby. AAAAAAAAAAAAA the boy drives me crazy sometimes!

29. BREAST OR BOTTLE? I breast feed and LOVED IT! I actually went until he was 15 months. I enjoyed being able to supply for my baby.

30. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST-BORN TODAY? He is 4 years and in 3 months yesterday will be 5. It went so fast!!

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