Thursday, February 26, 2009


So I posted earlier about Rayle and potty training. That kid definitely does things in his own way. He is doing really well. We ask him if he needs to go, and he tells us "no don't need to go" and then a few minutes later he announces "I go pee pee". Yesterday he was in underwear for most of the day with no accidents. He went number 2 in the diaper before the underwear. But other than that one time he went into the bathroom each time. He is so excited about going and I think he will keep it up. We are so proud of him because we really need a diaper break here for awhile. Think about it, I have been changing diapers for almost 5 YEARS now. Holy cow that's a lot of diapers. So like I said Rayle does things his way, here is how he goes pee. He can't even take off his sock to go?? He wears socks like gloves about every day. Teagan did this too, but was not as stubborn about it and the phase did not last as long.

Too cute. He has good aim I guess. I have no idea why he squats.


Heidi said...

As long as he has good aim! That is what's important, right?

Diana said...

Wow! Five years, a break well deserved!

Theresa C said...

I laughed so hard when I saw these pictures! I love how he has his very own way of going potty, and that he wears a sock on his hand. What a cutie :)