Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Melissa this one is for you...

So we have some friends in CA, and Melissa loves seeing pregnant bellies. Okay I thought mine was fine when I was pregnant with Teagan and Rayle, but now with pregnant belly number 4 I don't think so. (I gained eek like 20 pounds with the miscarriage) so my belly is not top notch like it was in the past. So there is no skin showing, and I will try to post a weekly pic of my growing belly at the bottom on the blog, but here is the first one at 13 weeks...

Yeah so this is not me but I had to post something. Mine is at the bottom. I will try to wear the same shirt each time so you can really see the difference.

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Alex and Melissa said...

You goof, I was like wow that doesn't look like Corie!! Well you have me laughing hard.
Thank you so much for posting the picture, you are right about me loving the pregnant bellies.
We really miss you guys. Maybe we will see you this summer.
By the way your belly is looking great. I can't wait to see it grow and grow.
Love ya's