Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

Teagan had Spring Break from preschool last week so we took advantage of that. The first weekend Brian and I needed the break! On Friday (13th) we took the boys to my moms house. They stayed there until Sunday. Friday night we went to my sister home for a party. I am so thankful that I am a member and can sit back and watch people drink and become well stupid for the most part. Anyways we stayed out way too late and got home I think after midnight. On Saturday we had made reservations for Gold Canyon Golf Resort. I would not recommend this place, it was beautiful but for the price nothing was included. On Saturday evening we went to the Mining Camp Restaurant. I love this place but my steak was too over done for my liking. So we hoped Sunday would be better. We went to the Renaissance Festival. I love this place. I have no idea how many times I have been but it has been a lot. Though we had fun, we both felt that we would have had more fun if we had brought the boys. The food is so GOOD! We wanted to get the boys some swords, but thankfully thought about our very small abode and opted to get them something smaller. Maybe next year we will buy the swords. When we told Teagan about it he really wants to go. We will make a family trip next year for sure. The rest of the week we kind of vegged out. I had a doctors appointment and had a fun fainting spellout at the Superstition Springs Market (yeah I am surround by a majority of older people and I faint!) Thankfully my mom was with me when it happened, Brian had taken the kids to the car. On Friday my mom and step dad had my niece and nephew so we made a trip to the zoo. Teagan really enjoyed spending time with his cousins. They are just seven months apart so the twins are the closes in age to him. We all had a good time, but again there were so many people there. Brian did not like the crowd so we left around 1 and my mom and crew left around 4. That evening we got together and had dinner together. The boys did not want to leave. On Saturday we made a trip up to Camp Verde to spend time with Brian's Uncle and Family and his Grandma Betty. We only went up for the night but it was a nice little get away. The boys feed the neighbors horse and played with their Gibson cousins. That night we had a camp fire and enjoyed the nice weather. On Sunday we walked down to the Verde River and had fun skipping rocks. Boy was it windy though. When we got home the news was talking about a wind advisor and I can believe it. On top off all of that I wrote and 2500 word final paper due Sunday for one of my classes. I am down to 3 more classes!!! YEAH! I started one on Monday and will finish one more online starting at the end of May and then one for summer school at the same time at MCC. I am almost to the half way part and can't wait. Here are some pictures from over the week.
I like this picture, because if you look close at their hair you can see how windy it was. They were running into the wind on the walk back. Well Rayle was running and Shane was walking.
Here is the Gibson gang: Sierra, Brian, Betty, Teagan, Shane, Tracy, Rayle, and Scott. Uncle Robert was watching ASU get their rears kicked.
Teagan and Rayle throwing rocks.
Rayle hitching a ride on daddy's shoulders.
All of the gang walking to the Verde River.
Look at all those blondies! Shane, Teagan, and Scott feeding Joe.
Rayle feeding Joe with Grandma Betty's help.
The boys feeding Joe the horse.
Jon and Brian watching the kids get wet at the zoo.
Look at Teagan's hand...Kaylee insisted he hold her hand this way. Teagan said it did not feel good and complained. Already being told what to do by a girl!
The monkeys playing right in front of us.
The cousins walking so well together.
Picture pose time!
Jacob and Teagan walking together holding hands.
Jacob on the spider web.
All the four year old monkeys on the spider web.
Bag got your head. The Wallaby was so cute with the bag stuck on its head.
Teagan and the Wallaby's.
Cute pic of Rayle looking back at Brian.
Here is the whole gang: Brian, Teagan, Me, Jacob, my Mom, Kaylee, Jon, and Rayle.
Cousins, I love Kaylee's pose!!
Rayle getting ready to go out. I just love when children dress themselves.
Rayle at grandma's playing us a song.


Carey Hunt said...

Dana told me you had a blog when we went out the other night. Did you know they are moving to North Carolina at the end of May. Didn't know it was so soon, but they are goin. Your mom told me you were pregnant, how far along are you and do you know what you are having. It must be in the water again, I know like 5 people who are pregnant right now and all having boys. You guys look like you are doing well. Talk to you soon.

Heidi said...

Cousins are the best amd those are some cute cousins! How fun! Great pictures.