Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teagan's First Field Trip

Today was Teagan's first field trip with his preschool. Brian and I were able to go along and join in the fun. (Rayle stayed with Grandma since this was Teagan's very first field trip) We made the trip to the Superstition Dairy Farm. It was a lot of fun. Teagan's favorite parts were #1 the ice cream, #2 the feeding the goats, and #3 the cows. When we arrived we went on a hayride to see all the cows, 1,000 of them. There were no babies but many mothers about to have some calves. Cows are also pregnant for 9 months. They milk the mothers-to-be for 6 months and then they get a 3 month break before giving birth. Glad that is not the case with us!! After the hayride, the children got to feed the goats. It was fun to see them squeal when the goats licked their hands. They also got the chance to feed a horse a carrot bite. There were also bunnies and chickens to pet. Teagan liked how soft the bunnies were. After that we washed up and got some flavored milk. Then many potty breaks for all the four year old. After the milk we went into the barn to learn more about cows. Teagan had so much fun with his friends. I enjoyed meeting the faces to the names he is always talking about. After the class we got our ice cream. It was really good and hit the spot. We left and loaded up and headed back to a park for a some what lunch. Yep lets go eat lunch after ice cream. Oh well it's not every day Teagan goes on a field trip, right?! Well Teagan has the rest of the week off and next week too. So tomorrow we are off to the zoo so Rayle can get out of the house too.
Enjoying his ice cream, he ate the entire cup.
All the children waiting for their ice cream.
Yum strawberry milk!
Drinking his milk.
Playing with his friends.
Petting the bunny.
Feeding the goat!
Waiting to feed the goats. The goats were named Cookie, Brownie, and Cupcake.
Riding on the hayride with his buddy Karstin.
I love this picture, a bunch of duckling following mom duck!
Group picture ready to go!
Yesterday they made shirts to wear for today. Teagan's is a rocket ship with a flying saucer if you did not know.
Info on Superstition Dairy Farm: It is located on Hawes just north of Elliot off of the 202. The cost is $6.50 for a Hayride, milk, and ice cream.

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andrea said...

Hey! I should have got your cell number I had no idea how crowded the zoo would be, we didn't see you! Atleast I found your blog :)