Thursday, May 20, 2010

No More

Yesterday was the day that the little baby tooth was no more. I had Rayle and Ashlyn loaded up in th eYukon to take Teragan to school, and Teagan was finishing brushing his teeth. He came running out and said his tooth fell out. Yep it sure did. He was all smiles. He told me as he was brushing his teeth he heard something fall and hit the sink counter. He looked down and there was the tooth. Thankfully it did not fall down the drain. There was no blood and Teagan is so excited about this new hole in his mouth. Makes me a little sad as it is just proof that he is really growing up. I made up a little pillow with a pocket for the tooth. The tooth fairy made a visit last night and wrote Teagan a little note about how special his first baby tooth was. He also got $5! Lucky kid. That first tooth is worth a little more because it sends out a beacon so that the tooth fairy knows to come to our house. I took pictures of his tooth the day he lost it but I did not know the memory stick had not been put back in UGH thanks Brian. So I don't know how to get the pictures off the camera like that. I took these today. (May 23)


Alex and Melissa said...

Oh Teagan, he is growing so fast. Emma has 4 missing teeth now. She thinks it's so cool, but I was a little sad too. Our first babies are babies no more :(

Reid and Brittney said...

That's awesome!!! Love it!!