Monday, May 24, 2010

Another post about...yep you guessed it TEETH!

I guess it is true when someone loses a tooth another gains a tooth. Just kidding! So Teagan lost a tooth last week and Ashlyn is getting her FIRST tooth!!! The kicker, it is the SAME tooth that Teagan lost. I was talking to Brian that I should look in Teagan's baby book and see if the tooth he lost was the first one he got. I think it would be kind of funny if that were the case. Well yesterday Ashlyn was a little cranky and did not want to go to bed. Usually she goes down around 8 and sleeps ALL NIGHT. Well I could not get her to go to sleep. I put my finger in her mouth and there was a little tooth that had finally cut through. She has had the budded gums for quite a few months now. I have just been waiting and waiting. So now she is onto the races and it looks like tooth number two will be on its way soon. She is so cute and I just LOVE baby grins with a few teeth sticking up. Can't wait to get that picture!


Reid and Brittney said...

Oh my heck...she has teeth. Owen still doesn't have any, he's still holding out on us, would be nice so he could eat different foods. Way to go Ashlyn!! BTW..she is such a cutie!!

Heidi said...

WOW, teeth drama! Emmi cannot wait to lose a tooth.