Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Schools Out for SUMMER

Did you sing the song? I did! :) I can not believe that my oldest child is DONE with his very first year of school. How did it go by so quickly? Teagan did really well this year. He was on the Honor Roll each quarter. I was able to go to the Awards Assembly and watch him get his metal. He was very excited to receive it. The pictures did not come out that I tried to take though. :( Rayle finished up preschool and he is ready for summer. He will go next year for three days a week. He has learned so much and we are so proud of him. Ashlyn is still doing her crawling like a worm thing. She gets up on her knees but she is faster on her stomach so that is what she prefers. She now has two teeth popped through and she is so wonderful. Okay not really she is a GROUCH! But I still love her. I was able to go on a field trip with Teagan this year. It was hard because Ashlyn is so young. We went to Stuffington Bear Factory. It is in Phoenix and they make the bears and other stuffed animals right there in the factory. They also make the clothes. Teagan had so much fun and it was great to get to go. He also had a fun water day at school and they had a 40 ft. water slide. He went down twice and loved it. The reason why he did not go more was the line was too long, he said. On Memorial Day we kicked off our Summer Movies at Harkins and saw Charlotte's Web. Rayle hid his face the ENTIRE movie because he is scared of spiders. Not sure when that happened. Funny boy, he can watch scary movies but a children's movie with a fake spider no way. He told Brian's mom and he is not scared of vampires only real things! So funny!! Other news Brian has been working for about 3 weeks with the Railroad. We know it will not last long but we are glad he is getting some work. He is under the radar since they are still cutting back jobs and he really should not be working, but we will take it. He has not worked a full month since October of 2008! WOW. Well that is the happenings in the Gibson's home right now. Hope the summer treats everyone well, and the heat (the HOT HOT heat that is) stays away for a little longer! I will post pics later :)

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Theresa C said...

I had a hard time watching Charlotte's Web, too! The movie did NOT change my mind about spiders... still hate them! I am glad to hear that you and your family are doing well :)