Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday RAYLE

Today Rayle came into our lives 4 years ago. (How is my life just whizzing by??) Rayle is so fun and energetic to say the least. Today he woke up I am sure before the sun came up, I don't know I was SLEEPING. He dressed into his SpiderMan costume and came and woke me up and informed me that today was the day and it was his birthday. Really I didn't know that, I was not there or anything. He is too funny. He can be so serious one minute, and then says something so off the wall that will make us laugh. Since Teagan's birthday in May, Rayle has been so excited about his birthday. Just about every day he would ask if it was June 17th. My my he is a determined little one. Just special for his birthday treat he went to the doctor and got his vaccines. (4 shots total) I know, mean mommy, but now it's over and he does not need them for another 3 years.

A little about Rayle at age 4:
His weight is 30.6 lbs (10%)
His height is 38" (11%) <---YEAH better than last years 10%

He LOVES superheros including SpiderMan, Wolverine, Black SpiderMan, and Buzz Lightyear. He is a great eater, and loves pretty much everything we prepare for him. He loves watching movies and knows more about SpiderMan then most adults do probably. He is very smart but it is PULLING teeth to get it out of him. Thankfully he is willing to give that info to his preschool teacher. Rayle LOVES his sister Ashlyn. Rayle loves playing with Teagan, but they do fight quite often. A little competion never hurt anyone...well not too much anyways. Rayle loves playing with legos, dressing up in costumes, playing with action hero's, and just making MESSES every where he goes. Rayle is so fun and I was looking at a book that I made up when he was 1. Back then he was just showing a little of his personality and one thing has not changed Rayle has two volumes LOUD and LOUDER! Even though you make us want to plug our ears we love you Rayle and we are so happy to have you in our lives!

2010 2009 (This picture shows the TRUE Rayle. He is SpiderMan but still LOVES his Buzz) 2008 2007 (Wow Ashlyn and Rayle look SO alike) 2006

P.S. Rayle has been 4 for just a few days now, and he is already looking forward to turning 5! I can't believe this kid. He is so funny. Rayle you are already growing up too quickly, please stay little and enjoy being a child for as long as you can. (But don't think you can stay living in our basement until your 30 now that's being a child for too long!)

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