Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ashlyn is growing quickly and I can not believe she is almost 10 months. Today I took her to the doctor for her 9 month check up. We were a bit behind because when I scheduled the appointment I wanted to make it around Rayle's birthday so that I did not have a Teagan visit at the beginning of May, and an Ashlyn visit at the end of May, and to wrap it up a Rayle visit in mid June. So originally Ashlyn was going to go with Rayle and have her 9 month Well Check last week. However she had been sick with an ear infection so I changed it to a sick visit to make sure she was getting better as she had been running a fever off and on. Well things changed last Wednesday when she helped with dinner and burning her little hand. I had just finished dinner and was taking some of it to a family in our ward and Ashlyn put her little hands on the boiler drawer. It was NOT good. I took her to Urgent Care and thankfully though her burn is bad it could have been worse. It was a 2nd degree and thankfully did not burn over her crease where the knuckles are. Had she burned this part we would have had to go to the burn unit at Maricopa Hospital. <-----Had to go there with Teagan he put his had in the vacuum and burned it. NOT FUN AT ALL!!!! So anyways today I took Ashlyn to get her vaccines and be weighed and measured. Last week on my Aunt's blog I read how she was adding baby formula to the baby food to increase her baby's weight. Well I have light weights so I started doing this too. Just from Thursday to today she put on 5 oz. I made sure I let them know and the PA we see said whatever works. I still have a lightweight but she is getting bigger:)

Ashlyn's stats:
Weight 16.3lbs (7%)
Height 27" (25%)

Ashlyn is so much fun. I really love having a girl around and she is very funny. She will definitely let you know if she is mad at something that you are doing by a squeal or a scream. Yesterday at the Summer Movies we go to at Harkins we were watching The Squeakal and it was funny she did not pay any attention to the entire movie but when the song All the Single Ladies came on she stopped and watched this part. TOO FUNNY. We sing this to her but change the words to all the single babies. Ashlyn is crawling up on her knees and she is quit fast. The boys forget to close the basement door and that would be a VERY bad and scary fall. We rush over and scoop her up. She can pull herself up but does not cruise very well yet. She has been clapping her hands for a few months now and I love when babies crawl and then go to a sitting position. I think that is just so CUTE! She has two teeth and there are more on the way, I am actually a bit surprised that a few have not cut through since you can see them and how they want to come done. She loves playing with her brothers toys and sticks EVERYTHING in her mouth. She is a great eater and loves her veggies and fruit. She notices other babies and will try to play with them. She has a real bad case of stranger fear and when we go to the store people always want to talk to her but she starts crying and screams. I hope she grows out of this soon. Ashlyn is so much fun, and I know as she grows and gets older it will be even more fun!
Her little right hand wrapped up after her burn :(

Playing at the Splash Pad.

Sitting like a big girl

Crawling up on her knees

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Theresa C said...

I can't believe she is that old already. She is a doll!