Friday, December 31, 2010

We had to see Santa!

Before school was out we went to the mall for pics with Santa. I could not believe that you can't take your own pictures now even if you are outside of the set up. I was really upset that I was unable to get pictures of my children that day. Well on the way home from Sedona I thought well let's just go to BassPro and see Santa again. So we went and yes we had to wait but that's okay I got me some pictures of my trio and I even got a FREE photo from BassPro. I love that store!!!
Yep Miss Ashlyn not loving Santa at all this year. She screamed as soon as I started to give her to Santa. Oh well that's growing up and I actually think it's cute when kids scream and cry. That's just horrible of me but that's how I feel.
Here is Mister Teagan and how he changed up his wish list two days before Christmas. I told Teagan that Santa most likely did not have time to change his gift and that maybe he could get Lego Batman for the Wii for his birthday. What a stinker!!
Last year at the age of 3 Rayle thought that going to see Santa meant he was getting his present that day. WOW did we have some tears that day. This year one year older and wiser too he has learned to let Santa know what he wants and that hopefully on Christmas Day his wanted gift will be under the tree.

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Darrel and Missy said...

We have pictures from Bass Pro too. I swear we got them like in October. Santa came early! Your kids are getting so big and they're so cute!