Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Sedona Christmas

To celebrate Christmas with my Mom and Jon the kids and I headed up to Sedona. We left on Sunday, and we came home today, Thursday. It was nice to get out of our house for a few days and relax in a beautiful place. The resort we stayed at was wonderful and the kids had fun playing somewhere new. Brian was unable to come up as he had to work. We have missed him and wished he could have been up there with us. We had lots of fun and here are just a few of the pics I took. I will upload more another day. I need to prepare for tomorrow.
Checking in...trying to get a picture of my kids all smiling or looking is so HARD. Here is the best one out of the three I took; before someone jumped off the bench.
This is a tree made out of poinsettia plants. It was really neat!
Rayle and Teagan LOVED the leaves on the ground and they had fun throwing and kicking them around.
Ashlyn LOVED sweeping the floor. I need one of these for at home. She could clean my floors everyday!!
This girl LOVES phones. You can't put yours down for a second or she'll have it scooped up and talking to someone. She will even find it if it's in reach which she has been able to reach MANY things. We always have to be careful where we place our stuff, my mom found that out this week too. (Yep we just unplugged that phone right away! No calls for her!)

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