Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nolan's Blessing Day

I am a planner, how do I know this? When I have events I need to know numbers. I have to prep and make sure I am covered. Well I asked and didn't get a lot of response so when in doubt over plan. We still have chicken salad sandwich mix in our freezer! But it's not about all the extra food I prepared. It's about the day Nolan was blessed. I was able to find a very cute little white outfit at Crismon's Boutique. I happened to take my mom with me and she said she use to get dressed for my sister and I at Crismon's when we were little. How fun it's actually right up the street from where we grew up. Well all the kids were excited for Nolan and the blessing. They did great that Sacrament. But as soon as Brian was done with the blessing of Nolan the kids wanted out of there. Sorry kids we have to stay until Sacrament is done! Then after I wanted to get some pictures. It didn't work out so great! Wish we had taken the time to do some before hand. Oh well can't go back now.
The kids were all such a treat especially Ashlyn and Rayle. Teagan and Nolan were pretty great though. 

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