Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween Ghosts

I came across this too cute of an idea on I thought I would share it with Rayle and Teagans teachers and see if I could come in and do this fun art project. Both teachers agreed. Last Friday I went into Rayles kindergarten class and stamped 35 cutie pootie little tootie toes. They were so cute because most of them had super ticklish feet. It went pretty smooth, but took a long time, I was grateful that the aide helped me out so much! On Monday was 2nd grade time. I had a parent helping me, and I only had 45 minutes again to stamp 35 kids. I had to be fast, and thankfully we ended right on time. It was fun, but overwhelming, because it was lots of work. I hope the parents were okay with white feet, because the kids weren't great at scrubbing the paint off, and there was no time for me or the other parent to do it. I think they turned out wonderful. Also something to remember just how big the child's foot was in 2011. I stamped Ashlyn too, hers was my example.

Oh one other thing, there are a lot of kids with VERY high arches! Many ghosts had to be connected because when I stamped them down there was a heel and the ball of the foot and no middle.

Ashlyn's feet

Teagan's feet

Rayle's feet

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