Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Trick and Treating

I love the age when children realize what Halloween is all about. This was that year for Ashlyn! She had some warm ups with the boys school festival, and our ward trunk or treat. On Monday night it finally clicked and she understood that if she stood all cute then she would be rewarded with CANDY!!! It took some coaxing for her to allow me to take her loot and place it in her bag. She wanted to hang on to all her spoils, but her little hands can only hold so much. By the end of the night she was putting the candy in the bag herself. It was really fun to see her excitement! The boys are old pros, and it was fun to see the three of them running from house to house. Love the cooler temperatures and when its okay for my kids to dress up and enjoy a night out!

Pictures are from the trick or treating event at Red Mtn MCC. Brian had to work so we hung out with a family from our Ward. It was great that they allowed us to tag along!!! I guess I didn't get any from actual trick or treating in the neighbourhood we went too. OOPS!!!

Let's go already!!!

Creepy Crawlers...for sure! This guy kept picking that thing up! It freaked me out!!!

Rayle looking at all the stuff on the Creep Crawlers table.

Teagan fishing for candy.

Ashlyn fishing for candy.

They had all these pumpkin lanterns around the courtyard, Ashlyn would go up to them and say "hi".

Rayle showing some cool moves.

Ashlyn and Roman waiting for some yummy popcorn. So cute!!!

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