Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I seem to have found a grove of keeping up with this house now that I don't have to work in the mornings. It's been nice to get things done and still find a little me time. However today cleaning the bathrooms with Ashlyn home was disastrous. She wanted to "help" and that was a blast. I lost my temper after she dumped her shampoo (half a bottle) into a cup thankfully. So glad it didn't go down the drain. But still she has done this twice, down the drain, and has not learned that it is NOT okay. I asked her if she knew that would make me mad and she said yes. So why, and she just looked at me. Next week I will be cleaning bathrooms on Wed. when she is at school! I feel like I didn't sit down at all today, but I feel accomplished so its all good. Earlier I made a double batch of those yummy granola bars, and I just cut them up, and put them into a gallon ziploc bag. My family is super excited because they are SO good! Teagan even shares his with a friend at school who also likes them. Glad they are getting eaten. So happy to have found an easy to make snack that tastes good and is better for us to eat. Win all the way around!!! 

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