Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crazy Hair Day Attitudes

This week is Spirit Week and I love Crazy Hair Day. So I did the boys hair and both were NOT thrilled. "Why can't we pick out what we want!!!" Both boys whined. Because I am doing it. So Rayle is smiling, but don't let that cute face fool you, he hated his do. Disclaimer I had ZERO hairspray so I only used gel.  
Teagan aka Dr. Seuss style blue with pink trees. Smile 
Rayle a Wolverine ish style.  Orangey/yellow with black tips
Ashlyn was happy I didn't touch her hair ;) It was also backwards day as well. Grumpy kids!!! At least I try and make their lives fun. I bet half the parents don't even pay attention to Spirit Week!!!

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