Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 Flu Shots

So yeah I know I need to update my forgotten blog, and the reason I just don't want to sit down and download my pictures off of my camera. Sad excuse! Anyways yesterday I had the privilege of taking the three kids to get their flu shots. What a fun adventure that was!! My appointment was at 8:05. YUCK I am NOT a morning person and I have to get up for weekdays. Weekends are for SLEEPING IN!! When I called to schedule I had to take the appointment that was available and it was filled up from the start of the day to the end of the day. So next year I will plan to call last minute! So we got up extra early and headed out. When we got there the boys played for a few minutes on the playground before we got called back. Ashlyn LOVES the playground so she stood at the door and motioned that she wanted out too. Thankfully they called us back quickly and that is when the fun started. Rayle immediately started freaking out and screaming/crying. I asked Teagan to go first to show Rayle that it was quick and easy, no way. So I had little innocent sister go first. What a horrible mother I am. Ashlyn actually did the best. She got her shot in her thigh. She cried for not even a minute maybe only like 10 seconds, I don't know I had an out of control four year old clinging to me. So Teagan went next and I helped hold him on the table for his shot in the arm. I had to hold the arms. I was so embarrassed with how he and Rayle were behaving all I could do was laugh. It was one of those out of body experiences where I wanted to just grab the kids and get the heck out of there. So Teagan realized hey that was not bad and stopped his fight as soon as the shot was in. Now the really fun part, Rayle. Now he is four but he is a pretty solid little boy. He was screaming fighting trying to get off that table. I had to use quite a bit of force to control his body. As the nurse was just about to go in for it, and he got out of my grasp. The nurse asked me if I wanted help to hold him down. I was like no way that will just freak him out even more, so I braced my entire body against him and held hard while she gave him the shot. He did not stop crying for awhile after that until we got outside actually. Ashlyn during this excitement also started crying because Rayle was crying so while I am full body holding my four year old down Ashlyn is crying and clinging to my leg. Yeah that was fun! Last year Ashlyn was too young for a flu shot as they don't give them until they are 6 months old and she was not 6 months until Feb. and I thought what was the use it was already almost spring here. So we had to stay for 20 minutes after to make sure she did not react. Thankfully the kids love the playground and they played there having fun. But every person that was there with kids Teagan had to ask if they had gotten flu shots too and he showed off his bright yellow band-aide. It was pretty funny. He reminds me of my mom and talks to everyone. He also asked about every kid what grade they were in and informed them that he was a first grader. I wish I had video of the shots but yeah I am one person and can't do it all. So next year later appointments and back up for holding our very strong kiddos down!

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Heidi said...

What a day! Our pediatrician gave my kids a flu mist which is the same thing only it's a nose spray. A lot less painful and no tears!