Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just some more photos

I forgot to add a picture of Rayle from our trunk-or-treat. He had decided to be SpiderMan that night and wanted to wear his mask. At trunk-or-treats they don't want masks so I painted his face. I overheard some little girls complaining to him that he could not wear a mask. He didn't even give them the time of day but ran off. It was funny because it was painted. Here is the pic after that running around and eating.
Ashlyn LOVES the plasma car and she has started scooting around on it by herself, but she LOVES getting rides from her big brothers. Hold on tight sweetie!!
We went to the zoo last month as a family. It was a little too hot, they still had the water areas open and I thought they would be closed. I so would have been up for them cooling off if I had their suits. Since we didn't have them I didn't want them walking around all day in their wet clothes. Here is a cute pic of our kiddos on the Dragon.
Ashlyn is starting to love being silly. She likes to dress up and put on scarfs and other things on. Here is she with some shorts.
Where is Ashlyn????

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