Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Eve 2010

This year as you know Halloween fell on Sunday...YUCK!! I just can't get into Halloween when it's on Sunday. I never even bought a pumpkin to carve!! I honestly wish Halloween could be like the last Saturday of every October. I know that it's the 31st, but just think about it and how nice it would be to be on Saturday EVERY YEAR!!! Okay who do I talk to about making the change??? So our Halloween festivities started a week early at Teagan's schools ONCE A YEAR fundraiser, The Fright Fest! Because this is the only fundraiser the school does (yep no cookie sales, or ugly wrapping paper). It is kind of nice. Anyways the event it BIG for a school that is only pre-k through 6th grade. We park at VF Factory Outlet and they bus us to the school. There is food, trick-or-treating, games, a haunted house, outside movie, and more. We didn't stay that long because the kids were kind of a mess. I had been gone all morning for our Relief Society Craft Day. However the kids had fun and we all enjoyed supporting the school. Okay I did not get very many pictures of them at the event, well actually the only pictures at the school I took were of Ashlyn :o(. But hey she is CUTE so no worries. Here is Ashlyn all puffy she was batgirl but she HATED her batwings so we took those off and she was just a puffball! I did get a few snap shots at home of our Ninja and Batman.
I wanted to make our Ninja stand out so I painted a dragon on his face.
Our ward's Trunk-or-Treat was scheduled for Saturday, but they had a conflict and it was moved to Tuesday...YUCK again!! A school night that involves candy should never mix(^ see above where I suggest Saturday night again^). The lighting at our church building is almost non-existent. We let the boys off and they quickly filled their buckets. Ashlyn was content to run about ten steps and then run back and grab more wrapped candy and slobber all over it. Sorry kids if you got wet candy, but hey it was still wrapped. After the trunk or treating we were moved into the cultural hall and there was a family dance or more like a junior high dance. We stayed less than 10 minutes and then went home. On Friday I was invited to my good friends ward and WOW was I impressed and so was Brian. They had games set up and little haunted walk, there was a couple making balloon animals and things of that nature. It was cute! We acquired three fish and they are still swimming strong. The kids had so much FUN!!! It was one of the best Trunk-or-Treats I have been too. If I am ever on the Activities committee again I would suggest something like this!!

My friend Nicole is so creative their entire family were pirates and they brought their treasures with them. What a great looking car!!!

Again no pictures of my boys, what's wrong with me! Ashlyn branched off a little further this night and we had to chase her down a few too many times! Again sorry if you got slobbery wet candy wrappers!! Oh the bishop talked with me and I so wanted to pretend I was not a member and be like what's a bishop but I was a good girl ;)!

On Halloween we sat around and waited and waited for trick-or-treaters. One group came ONE GROUP CAME. How lame is that!! See another reason for a Saturday vote.

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