Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Field Trip to the Zoo

This was a crazy field trip as the original plan was Brian was going to go with Teagan on the bus and I was going to meet them there with Rayle and Ashlyn. Brian had been on a reserve board for work and had not really worked, then of course the field trip comes up and he is back on to being on call and we NEVER know when he will work because it changes so quickly sometimes. So it looks like Brian is going to get a call, I make arrangements with my mom, if Brian works in the morning she is coming out to my house, if he works in the afternoon then he will drop them off with her. I am either way off to the bus for a field trip. However, Brian never got a call until the next day and he could have gone with Teagan and it would have been fun for them but oh well what can you do??!! I get motion sickness when I am not driving and the bus is just awful but thankfully I didn't get too sick and was able to share the seat with Teagan and his best buddy Jacob. So many parents went I had just the two kids, Teagan and Jacob. We got to go where we wanted and it was nice. Jacob was funny because he wanted to eat lunch as soon as we got to the zoo, it was like 9:45. I was like no lets go see some animals first. All in all it was a good time. However Teagan while seeing the mountain lion had a bee buzzing near his ear, just as I was about to tell him not to move he swats the bee, yep stung him in the hand. At least it was not the face or ear! I had a somewhat still cold ice pack from lunch and we put that on him. This is the first time he had been stung so I was not sure if he is allergic (my sister is and I have never been stung) So a zoo/park ranger got some medicine and more ice and put it on his hand. He calmed down quickly and we went on to see more animals. I loved having that time to spend with Teagan and I always LOVE the zoo!
My bus buddies Teagan, Jacob, and I.

~Best Friends~

Look closely you can see the jaguar laying on the wooden planks.

Riding a dragon how fun!

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