Monday, January 23, 2012

Bridal Bliss~The Shower

Okay so here are some pictures from when guest had arrived. We played a few games and had some laughs. It was nice to spend some time with my sister and see some family and friends. Some of the gift favors that I did were all the hats and headbands that everyone is wearing. I seriously LOVED them all. It took a long time, but totally worth the effort. Also I bought Jones soda that was clear in color, and then added a cute photo of Candy and Brian holding up their wedding date. Really loved it too. I was able to make the pom-poms not totally in love with them all but it was my first time making them. Also Ashlyn's party colors for the next ten years will be white, black, and pink. Seriously in love with those hanging lanterns!!!!

The only time Ashlyn would keep her hat on, and then she ripped it off. She was such a doll for the entire shower, and only became a beast when I was cleaning up!
Candyce with all the grandma's. Left to right: Grandma Hummer (our dad's mom), Candyce, Grandma Anderson (our mom's mom), and Grandma Emily (our step mom's mom but totally just grandma!)
Candyce with some gifts
Bridesmaids and Candyce and her dear friend that came out from FL with her.
My mom and Candyce and then Ashlyn had to be in the picture too.
Some friends and our Aunt Sharon and Grandma A.
Grandma's, Ashlyn, Gail, and Jen my brothers wife
Jackie, Candyce, and Fern who came out from FL
Stick a pose, Ashlyn put her hands on her hips so Candy followed! Too cute!!!
Totally fuzzy but a cute picture of Ashlyn giving Candy a kiss!

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