Monday, January 2, 2012

New Starts

Today we tackled some "spring cleaning", yep I am well aware that its January 2nd, but with a high today of 79 it felt like spring! Also we will be gone over spring break so now is the time! Ashlyn will be two and a half next month so we decided her crib needed to go, and a big girl bed was in order. The boys have a bunk bed, but as of late they sleep together on the bottom full bed, so since all of our funds are being saved we went with the twin top bunk to save some money. We need some new sheets as all we have are boys character sets. Transformers will do until next week! During her nap she was less than thrilled to be sleeping in this new arrangement! I hope she can adjust quickly to this new room change! I wish I had taken pictures of her room before. Her closet was a disaster zone! All her toys were literally thrown in (by Rayle!). Now her room is pretty bare of toys, but are stored nicely within her closet. I also have saved all of our kids baby clothes and have not gotten rid of them yet because we are not sure if another baby is in the mix or not. They take up a lot of room but worth to save if we have another baby. So she still has some storage that could find another home if there was space to be found, but we will work with what we have. Here are some pictures of the end results!

Oh also I have a wooden kitchen set from me and my sisters youth that needs to be cleaned and brought in hopefully by the end of the week. Tomorrow we tackle the pit aka the boys room!!!

All the stuff inside her closet that is either being Craig-listed, thrown out, or donated.

Ashlyn showing off her new room! That big gray thing on the floor is her AC unit. Wish we had gotten a window unit she is ALWAYS messing with it!

One thing about this house that I do like is the closet space...for the kids ours is tiny. I plan on getting some decorative hooks for all her dress up clothes, right now they are lumped in a pile on her shelf.

Here is the other side of her closet.

The other side of her room. Not sure if I want to keep that HUGE rocker in there. It takes up so much space. I might move it out to the living/dining area.

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