Monday, January 16, 2012

Temple Lights

We were able to make it to the Temple in December to see the lights. I love seeing the excitement that the Temple grounds bring to our children's faces. Ashlyn especially loved the lights and the freedom of running around. The grounds were crowded so we didn't stay too long. Some of our good friends were able to join us, and after we went to a McD's for hot chocolate and some play time. It was a nice evening spent at a beautiful place with family and good friends.

I was unable to capture too many pictures because it was so crowded and then some of my children whom I won't mention any names RAYLE would not smile or be serious enough for the photo opt. There was a beautiful one with Rayle and the Temple in the background but he made a face and when I went to take it again there came a swam of people upon us, so I ditched my efforts. Teagan was too busy running around for me to snap any pictures of him.

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